Beat the systems References

References are always a good indication of ones dedication and commitment…

…so, we’ll let some customers and clients do the talking!


Edward Clerkx, Business unit manager Roth & Rau

“Clint is a personable and creative individual that gets on well with those around him. He has shown that he is able to deal with rapidly changing circumstances and the dynamic environment inherent to high tech machine building. His practical experience makes him a good technical allrounder who is also not afraid to step in and help out on the workfloor. I have no hesitation in recommending Clint and know that he will always give his best in any endeavor”


Rene Ernst, Development Manager Roth & Rau

“Clint is a creative ‘out of the box’ thinker. I found this to be especially valuable, as it allows him (and those who work with him) the ability to explore and understand nearly all possible perspectives to an idea and its applications. Furthermore he was always prepared to ‘run the extra mile’ and made sure designs were finished on time. His experience in CAD allows him to work out designs and build models solidly and quickly. He was a great asset to our team!”


 Ronald van Dijk, Manager engineering Solaytec

“Clint worked as a mechanical engineer within Solaytec on a next generation of one of our key modules. As a project member he worked out the mechanical design of the product, developed several tools and assisted in the assembly and qualification of the first prototypes. Considering his level of experience, Clint showed good engineering skills and made a valuable contribution to the project . He has a good team player attitude with a practical approach.”


Maarten Coolen, Business Unit Manager Frenckewn ALLMEPP Projects B.V

“Through is knowledge of the many different CAD programs Clint had proven to be a very flexible and valuable contribution to our company. He is a quick learner and has no problem ramping up for a project quickly. I would recommend Clint for future projects. “


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