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Roth & Rau

Roth & Rau B.V. is a focus center of innovative development of equipment designs and applications, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. At Roth & Rau B.V. we push the boundaries of innovation. With new breakthrough technologies and products, extensive experience and in-depth process knowledge, we offer customers the best solutions for automatic and system integrated product manufacturing.


This company produces, develops, delivers and services worldwide machines for ultrafast, spatial Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment, a promising technology for ultrathin Al2O3 passivation layers on solar cells. The ALD machines from SoLayTec are intended for industrial production in the solar market. Using ALD in that context has been impossible until now because of the very low speed of ALD and thus the high cost. The unique feature of the SoLayTec machines is the breakthrough speed that enables industrial application.


AllMEPP develops and builds machines, equipment, tooling and test equipment for production plants, OEMs, laboratories and research centres. The projects range from simple tools and special machines to advanced production lines which will be delivered on location.


Within the OTB Solar / Roth & Rau group PiXDRO offers printing tools based on inkjet technology for research and industry. These tools are designed and manufactured based on a flexible module layout in order to enable an easy and fast adaption related to process and customer requirements

Tachyon Engineering

Tachyon offers a wide range of engineering solutions, with a focus in automotive engineering. From CAD support in CATIA, UGS or ProE on site to turn-key solutions fully engineered and validated by Tachyon Engineering.

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